Delivering Excellence One Client at a Time

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Our Vision

Cornerstone Partners is a small, boutique brokerage serving the New Jersey Gold Coast and Manhattan. For us, every client is a big fish in a small pond. We specialize in working as a team to make sure that no detail slips through the cracks. Our job is to work harder and smarter than anyone else to find the right products for our clients. By utilizing the latest technology we are able to find you the best of everything and we look forward to working with you.


To deliver excellence one client at a time.


To be the New Jersey Gold Coast luxury real estate leader.


To achieve our goals by helping others reach theirs.

Why Choose Cornerstone Partners?


  • Over 15 Years of Experience
    Real estate transactions are very complex. Therefore, there is a multitude of issues that can arise and expertise is your best defense. At Cornerstone Partners Real Estate Services, every agent benefits from the 15+ years of experience of Rami Rosen, our Broker of Record. He is incredibly “hands on” and consults with each agent regarding contract preparation, transaction management, marketing services, and market analysis. Every client is treated like a big fish in a small pond and the entirety of Cornerstone Partners is there to hold your hand every step of the way. Another invaluable asset is that each and every Cornerstone Partners agent lives in the New Jersey area where we serve our clientele. As a result, they consistently out perform their competition while serving the New Jersey Gold Coast.


  • We take care of our Agents
    Cornerstone Partners Real Estate Services generates revenue solely through percentage splits from commissions that our agents earn in a real estate transaction. We do not charge our agents monthly fees, desk fees, copy fees, royalty fees, marketing fees, training fees, technology fees or any other fee that is typical of the larger real estate company brands. Our success depends on our agents closing transactions. That’s why we support our agents at every turn, allowing them to focus entirely on pleasing their clients!


  • Integrity
    At Cornerstone Partners, we endeavor to break the stereotype of the “shifty real estate agent”. In this market, it can be difficult to find a Brokerage that will be a “one-stop shop” and we promise to be that for you! We are with you every step of the process: from listing to closing, resolving any issues that you may experience during the process. We pride ourselves on making each client 100% satisfied. Remember: we don’t get paid unless the transaction closes. Therefore, we will be with you every step of the way, making your experience as easy, efficient and stress-free as possible!
    Finally, our agents continue to receive training and education to keep them current with the latest technologies and ethics. True professionals. This combination of education and ethics is why, we believe, clients and referrals primarily drive our business.


  • Specialty Marketing
    Cornerstone Partners has its own on-site design/marketing coordinator producing some of the best marketing pieces you’ll find in the industry. As this is a full-time position, our turnaround times are the fastest you’ll find on all listings.

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